India has 55.5 crore mobile and 14.3 crore Internet users

India has 55.5 crore mobile users and 14.3 crore Internet users according to a research conducted by online research firm, JuxtConsult Research & Consulting.

India has 55.48 mobile users as per India Mobile Landscape (IML) 2013 study. As per the research, 29.8 crore or about 54 percent of device owners are in rural areas as compared to 25.6 crore  or about 46 percent in urban areas.

As per JuxtConsult Research, India has a total of 77.39 crore functional SIM with validity but only 64.34 SIMS are being used by 55.48 mobile users. So, on an average one mobile user uses 1.16 SIM. The survey talks about 65 percent of mobile users are below 35 years of age. Students and housewives account for 55 percent of total mobile users. In terms of gender, male acoount for 64 percent of mobile users.

The IML study says that there are 14.32 crore Internet users in the country. The number of unique users who access Internet from desktop, laptop, smart TV, mobile data conections is at around 9.47 crore. People also access Internet through operator portals and this number comes around 4.85 million users.

IML 2013 study is based on a survey of 30,066 households across 109 cities/towns and 196 villages. The sample is representative of 94.8 percent of the India’s population and covers 80 of the NSSO (National Sample Survey Organization) regions.

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