India 4G Market : Jio Best In Coverage, Airtel In Speed

The fiercely battled India 4G market has service providers that offer unique benefits, some come with better data speed and some with better availability. A recent report on India’s internet dynamics says that Reliance Jio, the newest operator in Indian telecom business, has got the maximum coverage and offers almost hundred per cent availability. At the same time the report says Bharti airtel offers better speed.

OpenSignal, a firm that tracks telecom networks across the globe, in its latest report said Jio beats all its rivals in terms of 4G availability.

“Jio is still far ahead of its key rivals in 4G availability, beating all three (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea) by at least 27 percentage points in our measurements,” cites Opensignal. In its report titled ‘State of the Mobile Network -India‘, the firm said LTE signal of Jio’s network was available 96.4% of times in December-February period, up from 95.6% in October period. In the previous studied period also Jio was well ahead of its competitors in terms of availability.

In comparison, Airtel’s LTE network was available 66.81% – the lowest among all operators – during the studied period. Vodafone has got the second highest 4G availability – 68.83% and Idea Cellular with 68.15%.

“Such a score is exceptional, reflecting Jio’s commitment to build out a 4G-only network without 3G mobile data services to fall back on. What’s more, Jio’s impressive LTE reach is only improving, though incrementally. In our last India report in October, we measured Jio’s 4G availability at 95.6%,” the report says.

In terms of 4G download speed, there is a complete overturn. Bharti Airtel, India’s first 4G operator, the report says offers fastest download speed, at 9.31 mbps. Jio, in contrast, offers the lowest speed among all four operators – of 5.13 mbps. Vodafone and Idea’s speeds are recorded at 6.98 mbps and 7.27 mbps respectively.

The report also says that despite these data speeds offered by various operators, India’s position in global map is disheartening.

“Even the best LTE speed score in India was well below the global 4G download average of 16.9 Mbps recorded in our State of LTE report. In that same report we found India ranked last of the 88 countries analyzed in 4G speed,” the report added.

At present India 4G market is being served primarily by four private operators – Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and Vodafone India. BSNL, though does not offer 4G, is the only state run operator competing against these four players on a pan India scale.

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