IET Partners Saraswati Seva Foundation To Improve Education Among Underprivileged

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Services India (IET), one of the world’s largest multi-disciplinary professional societies of engineers and technicians, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Saraswati Seva Foundation, a non- profit organisation committed to serve the under-privileged communities using knowledge tools and networks to support a sustainable foundation of the society.

The agreement is designed to facilitate the exchange of the IET Faraday content as well as technical know-how from the IET to enable the Saraswati Seva Foundation to train and up-skill teachers in schools catering to under-privileged.

The IET Faraday India Programme aims to create an ecosystem which encourages curiosity, questioning of the status-quo among both students and teachers to fuel passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The IET Faraday project intends to provide teaching resources along with teacher enrichment programs to the school teachers.

The program comprises of curriculum support, resources, information for schools and cross-curricular classroom activities. The teachers will be enabled with the add-on teaching resources and techniques which are relevant to the tech savvy students of today. The project is also intended to engage the school students in fun filled activity based learning, generating the love for STEM in the young minds.

The partnership with Saraswati Seva Foundation will allow all the school affiliated to the foundation to access the IET’s Faraday resources. It expands the foundation’s vision towards building technology-driven and scalable solutions for specific social needs which are environmentally sustainable and commercially viable.

“We, at the IET, firmly believe that the skill gap challenge in India cannot be entirely bridged without introducing the school students to the fun of real world applications and love for STEM. The Saraswati Seva Foundation echoes our sentiment in empowering the teachers with modern learning techniques and thereby enabling the students. Hence, we believe that this agreement is a perfect partnership to further a Technology-led transformation in India and developing ambassadors of change among our youth. With its tremendous potential to impact the engineering and technology scenario in India, the agreement demonstrates the IET’s commitment to create a pool of quality engineers who are industry ready and better equipped to build a better tomorrow,” said Shekhar Sanyal, Director and Country Head, the IET India.

“I am pleased about the fact that Saraswati Seva Foundation has partnered with IET’s Faraday Program to deliver STEM modules to the under-privileged children. We, at SSF, look forward to working with IET to enhance students’ scientific temper and make them curious enough to question and explore,” said Vivek Singh, President of Saraswati Seva Foundation.

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