Huawei Announces Signing Of 22 5G Commercial Contracts

Huawei has said it has already signed 22 5G commercial contracts so far which emphasizes that operators  across the globe are keen to explore the the new technology. Huawei Executive Director and President of Carrier BG Ryan Ding said this at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) in London.

During his keynote speech titled “5G is ON, Taking Mobile to New Horizons”, Ding said that 5G is ushering in a new era for ICT and has the potential to increase connection capabilities by ten-fold.

“Actions speak louder than words”, said Ding. “5G is ON. Huawei has earned customer recognition for our leading 5G end-to-end capabilities and innovative products and solutions. So far, we have signed 22 commercial contracts for 5G, and we are working with over 50 carriers on 5G commercial tests. Through heavy investment and continuous innovation, we are committed to helping carriers deploy 5G networks easily, rapidly, and cost-effectively. And we are ready to work with all stakeholders to drive robust development of the 5G industry.”

He, however, did not elaborate upon contracts or named the operators.

Ding said 5G will bring unprecedented opportunities to the mobile industry and the Release 15 – the first 5G specifications – focuses on enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and will encourage individual users to consume more data, because they can do more with their connections. 5G will provide high bandwidth for households and make WTTx connections the first choice for broadband. It will also enable new capabilities, including massive connections, superfast speeds, and ultra-low latency that will reshape business models and create enormous business value for carriers.

According to Ding the development of 5G is picking up speed thanks to two factors. First, major countries are among the first adopters of 5G, and together they represent one-third of the global population – a scale of adoption that is larger than the first waves of commercialization seen in 3G and 4G.

The second enabler of 5G is the device industry. 5G smartphones will be available in 2019, including 5G foldable phones that will create whole new experiences for users. Leading phone makers will launch budget phones (priced around US$100) soon after the commercial roll-out of 5G networks, driving the 5G industry forward.

“Every new generation of network comes with new challenges, and this applies to 5G commercial deployment, too,” said Ding. “We take complexity and deliver simplicity. That means we will provide innovative solutions to address challenges in 5G commercialization. Our close collaboration with carriers will help them find the easy way to 5G.”

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