How Analytics Is Defining Video Marketing Industry

Advances in video platform analytics have radically changed online advertising, most notably in the ability to measure user traits on various platforms. These days, almost every brand or business has hopped aboard the bandwagon of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for their video marketing strategies.

And due to the complete freedom in the creative process unlike advertising on T.V, brands are creating more varied types of video content to engage their potential customers. One aspect that remains the same for all video campaigns is the usage of insightful/predictive analytics to create and market their ad campaigns.

Recently, a survey from showed that content marketing and big data are the only two marketing techniques that marketers will use in 2018. Plus, as per Forbes, 60% of businesses said they spend more than a quarter of their marketing budget on video. Thus, creating a content strategy using insights from big data analysis can accelerate the campaign performance by 80%.

For me, one of the prime examples of a brand using insightful analytics is Netflix. Apart from using an algorithm to predict viewing recommendations for its users, Netflix understands its users by evaluating insights based on their previous actions. In this scenario, Netflix has an advantage of analyzing its platform.

But, what about insights on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram?

Given today’s competitive environment, brands are looking for customized individual insights to stay ahead of the pack. We at Vidooly understands what industries want and what they want to innovate into.

To assist media companies, brands and agencies to take smarter & accurate decisions on their digital video strategies. We have divided our analytics into five different factors, like media planning content strategy, market intelligence, audience insights, and AD insights. Using insightful/predictive analytics, we saw a significant improvement in the ad campaigns and provided content ideas for our client’s video commercials and insights for digital programming strategy.

To conclude, about 65% of Indian brands are already using video marketing analytics to achieve better ad campaign results. In the world of predictive analytics, every industry has its own requirements. Analyzing the level of impact on various trends on video platforms provides a competitive edge for a brand.

The beauty of video marketing is it’s accessible to businesses of any size and stage. This is why every brand is bound to use insightful/predictive analytics before they spend millions on ad promotions.


By: Subrat Kar, Co-Founder, Vidooly


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