Govt Sets Up National Data Center In Bhubaneswar For e-Governance Services

The ministry of electronics and IT has set up a cloud enabled data center in Bhubaneswar. The data center is built by National Informatics Center or NIC and will be used for hosting e-governance applications of the central as well as state government.

The ministry said the unified and shared infrastructure is flexible enough to rapidly respond to Infrastructure requirements and also accommodate future technology enhancements, distributed applications, database applications running on bare metal, virtualized applications running in multi-hypervisor environments, and cloud-based applications that are available on demand.

The ICT Infrastructure at Bhubaneswar will be energized in the modular fashion with software defined ICT Infrastructure. This will facilitate provisioning of services over Cloud with more agility and will also integrate with the NIC National Cloud Services.

The cloud enabled data center in Bhubaneswar will provide :

• On-demand access to ICT Infrastructure to ensure easy availability and quick deployment of applications.

• Standardized platforms of deployment to deliver ICT systems that are compliant to government policies and enable easy sharing of data across applications.

• Service-oriented approach for sharing ICT infrastructure to achieve economies of scale.

• Cost-effective, service-oriented approach for sharing computing resources

With the launching of the National Data Center in Bhubaneswar Cloud service offerings of NIC would allow departments to provision infrastructure and add to the computing capacity on demand and release them when not required. This elastic nature of the cloud allows departments not only to bring the solution to deployment quickly but also to scale up based on the demand of peak or low loads. In the traditional model departments has to budget and procure infrastructure at the commencement of the project, this results in either over provisioning of infrastructure or under sizing of the requirements which leads to scalability challenges. This would result in waste of resources and refreshing technology would take longer.

The Data Centres are the ideal solutions for offering a robust & highly available infrastructure with adequate redundancy enabling government to render effectively the e-Governance services to the citizens. Realizing the importance of Data Centres, National Informatics Centre (NIC) has established National Data Centres at Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. The establishment of National Data Centre at Bhubaneswar will further enhance the range of Data Centre related services offered by NIC.

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