Expereo Expands Cloud Acceleration Services

Expereo, a global provider of managed Internet network solutions, has strengthened its Cloud Acceleration services in five major cities – Warsaw, Dublin, London, Singapore, and Miami. By deploying ‘Cloud Acceleration Hubs’ in these strategic locations, Expereo offers better connectivity for enterprises worldwide.

“More and more businesses are shifting to Cloud-based services used by their employees across the globe. We are making sure this large workforce can reach essential, everyday Cloud applications with optimal performance. Our latest expansion is all about optimizing internet performance for enterprises in the midst of their digital transformation,” said Kristaps Petrovskis, CTO of Expereo.

Cloud Acceleration

Expereo’s Cloud Acceleration Hubs analyze Internet traffic for any factor that could negatively affect performance, such as packet loss, latency, congestion, and historical reliability. Expereo’s proprietary Cloud Acceleration platform, chooses dynamically, the best performing and efficient path, for the best possible user experience.

Strategic Deployment

Cloud Acceleration Hub is determined by the demand for Internet connectivity performance and the potential for economic growth. The new hubs’ locations are:

● Warsaw – Selected due to its growing R&D and software development industries.

● Dublin – Selected as a pioneer of cloud technologies, with a strong presence of IT service providers.

● London – Selected because the city’s large ecosystem of suppliers and interconnectivity requires extra Internet capacity.

● Singapore – Selected for being a large source of Internet traffic, which requires additional resilience.

● Miami – Selected to help stretch and strengthen connectivity across the Americas.

Since establishing the first Cloud Acceleration Hub in Asia in 2008, Expereo’s services now stretch across more than 190 countries.

Guaranteed Quality of the Internet

Expereo effectively solves the guaranteed quality of the internet when accessing cloud applications. Customers will benefit from better application performance, faster downloading and uploading of files, document control, uninterrupted video conferencing, disaster recovery, and an overall vastly improved user experience.

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