Etisalat Misr And Huawei Announce Super Dual Band Microwave Solution

Etisalat-Misr-And-Huawei-Announce-Super-Dual-Band-Microwave-SolutionEtisalat Misr and Huawei announced that they have completed the world’s first live traffic application of the innovative microwave solution “Super Dual Band” with throughput more than 6 Gbps in mobile backhaul in Alex region, Egypt.

Microwave transmission, a key solution on mobile backhaul networks throughout the years, struggles to meet the need for multi-Giga bandwidth at long distances. Etisalat Misr with Huawei Super Dual Band microwave solution have achieved 6.19 Gbps over a relatively long distance (3.37 km) link in Alex region, applying state-of-the-art features (EPLA, AM and QoS) that stretch the benefits from the E-band equipment.

Huawei’s Super Dual Band is an innovative solution, which bonds the traditional frequency (6-42 GHz) together with E-band (71-86 GHz) in a unique manner, offering increased protection via special link aggregation techniques and advanced Quality of Service mechanisms. Super Dual Band solution combines long distance benefit of traditional frequencies together with the large capacity advantage of the E-Band, ensuring efficient multi-Giga transmission.

“The growing capacity requirements for 3G and soon the LTE services raise high requirement for mobile backhaul solution in Egypt; we require innovative solutions on wireless backhaul technologies. The combination of E-Band and traditional microwave frequency spectrum is one of the good directions,” said Khalid Murshed, CTO, Etisalat Misr.

“Huawei has started microwave cooperation with the Etisalat Misr since 2006, and we are honored to be Etisalat Misr’s microwave transmission partner,” said Alex Xu, vice president, Huawei North Africa.

“We think this new wireless transmission solution will highly improve the customer experience in the mobile broadband service,” added Xu.

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