Ericsson demonstrates VoLTE in virtualized environment

Ericsson has demonstrated VoLTE in a virtualized core-network environment, bringing telecom-grade cloud-enabled services a step closer to commercialization.

Operator benefits include easily scalable hardware infrastructure and the speedier launch of new communication services over IP.

Demonstrations of related parts of this technology were also shown during Ericsson Innovation Day at the Eurolab in Aachen on June 18, where around 90 operator representatives and many business partners came to experience business creation, the latest technology and innovation trends.

The VoLTE solution was shown for the first time in a virtualized telecom-core-network environment, and was run on commercial Ericsson IMS equipment, including the Call Session Control Function (CSCF), the Multimedia Telephony Application Server (MTAS), and Ericsson Enriched Messaging. Commercial VoLTE/LTE smartphones were used in the demonstration.

Marton Sabli, head of IMS Control and Media Plane, Product Line IMS, Business Unit Networks said, “Ericsson demonstrated for the first time that a VoLTE system can automatically scale within a telecommunication cloud and fulfill telecom-grade service availability.

This availability – 99.999 percent uptime over a year – is achieved with a combination of a high-availability, telecom-grade cluster on application level and cloud mechanisms, such as hot migration added Sabli.

Virtualization enables operators to reduce the needed computing capacity and balance the capacity need from different applications. With the power-down functionality, computer resources can be switched off when they are not being used, which saves power and decreases the cooling needs. Virtual machines and hosts can also be quickly powered up again on demand or by the given time profile.

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