F5 Launches Cloud Services Based On AWS Framework

F5 Networks has extended its cloud-native application services portfolio with F5® Cloud Services, a new delivery model that leverages the AWS SaaS Enablement Framework for its market-leading application services. F5’s new offerings will provide high-availability, self-service, and fully managed SaaS solutions that are easily provisioned and configured within minutes on AWS.

Consumed as a utility through a pay-as-you-go model in the AWS Marketplace, F5® Cloud Services will provide businesses with predictable pricing, flexibility, and the ability to auto-scale to meet application workload demands. Additionally, this SaaS delivery model provides an extensible framework to deliver additional services as needed over time, and throughout an application’s development and production lifecycle.

“Multi-cloud has evolved from an experiment to a strategic concern, while enforcing consistent security and ensuring reliable performance are still challenging for most organizations.” said Adam Judd, SVP, Asia Pacific, China and Japan. “Customers are increasingly looking for easy-to-consume, advanced SaaS-based application services to help them navigate the digital transformation journey with confidence. As businesses change the way they operate in today’s everything-as-a-service (XaaS) economy, F5’s advanced application delivery and security capabilities will now be delivered as modern, DevOps-centric SaaS solutions aligned with AWS best practices.”

“Using the AWS SaaS Factory and AWS SaaS Enablement Framework, we were able help F5 architect, develop, and deploy their new Cloud Services platform on AWS,” said Terry Wise, VP, WW Partners at AWS. “Customers can now consume F5 solutions in a SaaS model, while enabling developers to innovate without having to worry about managing infrastructure or the underlying code.”

F5 Cloud Services also represent a new way of delivering capabilities to a wide range of companies that are looking to seamlessly layer application services as needed, while also delivering foundational security capabilities, offering additional protections through future services that allow companies to configure and automate defenses for multiple attack vectors.

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