MetroRio Deploys Cisco’s WiFi Technology

MetroRio-Deploys-Cisco's-WiFi-TechnologyRio de Janeiro city subway, called MetroRio subway stations Flamengo, Largo do Machado and Catete have deployed Cisco WiFi technology.

MetroRio subway stations now have wireless Internet through Cisco Access Points and Cisco Prime architecture. The WiFi service is used by subway users and also by commercial establishments inside the stations.

Cisco Aironet 2602-i Access Points and the Cisco 8500 Wireless Controller were installed, in addition to Cisco Prime architecture, which integrates the solutions Prime LAN Management Solutions (LMS) and Prime Network Control System (NCS) in a single package, simplifying management and integrating the networks.

The infrastructure was deployed in a “star” topology, interconnected with the concessionaire central and the WiFi points arranged in mezzanines and the platforms. Linktel was chosen to deliver the service, and the implementation of the project started in February 2014.

In just April, the MetroRio recorded 4,869 accesses in the three stations.

“It’s important for MetroRio to provide convenience and services such as free WiFi, to facilitate the users’ life, making their experience within the subway system even more positive,” said Ricardo Nunes, director, Marketing and Sales, MetroRio.

Throughout the whole operation time in the three MetroRio stations, no wireless network failure has been reported, nor communication problems or in users’ authentications. Not even during the project implementation was a service interruption necessary – the traffic of the stations was added to the rest of equipment without disconnecting the network.

“The easy installation of Cisco’s technology contributed greatly to the progress of MetroRio Wi-Fi project,” said Jonas Trunk, president, Linktel.

The MetroRio WiFi is also employed by commercial establishments within the stations. Linktel has a sales team that provides the service in a shared link to the stores, which then use the wireless Internet in the day-to-day operations. The registration of users is utilized by MetroRio to optimize their communications, using the database to send targeted information via SMS or email (like maintenance schedules and adjusted fares, among others).

Junot Pitanga, regional manager, Service Provider, Cisco said, “The availability of wireless Internet is not enough. It is necessary that the system is easy to implement and manage, adding value to the customer’s business. We are pleased that Cisco technology has provided it to MetroRio.”

The concessionaire intends to implement free WiFi in all 36 stations of its two lines by the end of this year (today there are 17 stations with this type of service).

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