IoT Among Top Priorities For Enterprises In India : IDC

Internet of Things or IoT is no more just a talk point for businesses in India, it has become a serious action plan in recent times. This new technology trend is making inroads within enterprises in India, as revealed by IDC’s Global IoT Decision Maker Survey, 2017, which finds that IoT is among the top business priorities for organizations in India.

“IoT technology has significant strategic impact on organisations. 60% of Indian enterprise Organisations will be leveraging IoT for competitive technology and pricing advantage” said Ranganath Sadasiva, Director Enterprise Research, IDC India

The latest report on IDC’s Global IoT Decision Maker Survey — India Perspective outlines the Internet of Things (IoT) investment trends along with plans to adopt by enterprises in India. The data is taken from IDC’s Global IoT Decision Maker Survey, 2017. Key buyer behaviour data points around decision making and security, along with perspectives on the vendor landscape, are provided as market indicators to help technology suppliers facilitate discussions with clients and prospects.

Driven by the benefits, in terms of productivity, both internals as well as for customers, along with the reduction in operational costs is driving the IoT investment decisions. Organizations are realizing the business value that is brought in by IoT. Over the next 24 months, enterprises in India have aggressive plans to deploy an IoT solution due to heightened awareness.

As per Rishu Sharma, Associate Research Manager, Cloud and IoT – “Over half of the survey respondents consider IoT imperative to stay “digitally fit”. Even, as businesses in India realise the benefits that IoT brings to their enterprises, the challenges around security and complexity related to changes in business processes cannot be ignored.”

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