Dhanbad Is India’s 4G City With Maximum Availability

The coal city Dhanbad is now the 4G city of India with highest 4G availability compared to any other city including the metros. On a scale of 100, when Dhanbad scores more than 95%, capital city Delhi is hovering around 89%.

A recent survey by OpenSignal said there are only two cities that have more than 95% 4G availability – Dhanbad at 95.3% and nearest city Ranchi with 95%. When one says 95% 4G availability, it means a 4G customer is connected to his or her 4G connection 95% o the time.

“Opensignal’s 4G Availability metric is not a measure of coverage or the geographic extent of a network. It measures what proportion of time users with a 4G device and subscription can get a network connection, in the places they most commonly visit,” said Peter Boyland, a senior analyst with the OpenSignal.

In this report, OpenSignal found Srinagar placed at the third positions. Srinagar was just shy of the 95% mark with the availability of 4G services score of 94.9%. In survey found Raipur at the fourth place which scored 94.8% in our measurements, followed by Patna with 94.5%.

The company said Patna had won in the comparison of 20 of India’s largest cities in terms of availability of 4G services nearly a year ago, and has increased its score by close to 2 percentage points in that time.


Of India’s largest cities, none were really stoking the fires in Opensignal’s 4G Availability analysis. Delhi and Mumbai were in the lower half of the table, neck-and-neck with scores just shy of 90%, behind Hyderabad’s 90.5%. Bangalore was mid-table on 92.3%, while Ahmedabad scored 92.7%.

Nonetheless, all of the 50 Indian cities we measured scored over 87% in terms of 4G presence — a feat that many much more developed mobile markets would be proud of. Fanned by the flames of competition, India is really smoldering in 4G Availability. In Opensignal’s most recent India Mobile Network Experience report, we found Jio’s national 4G Availability score was a remarkable 96.7% — over 20 percentage points ahead of its main rivals. The world’s first “super-disruptor”, Jio stunned the mobile world with its revolutionary free data offerings, amassing over 100 million subscribers in just 6 months. But its rivals have reacted. All of India’s key operators continue to aggressively invest, while the merger of Vodafone and Idea is set to create India’s largest operator, further disrupting the market, the survey suggested.

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