Galaxy Fold Screen Breaks, Samsung Postpones Launch Event, Recalls Review Units

Samsung’s much talked about foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, is turning out to be another headache for the Korean electronics major as the screens of the phone are reportedly getting broken with very minimal use. Post widespread reportage on the screen issues with the device, Samsung has postponed its US launch event slated for April 26.

The company had handed out few units fo Galaxy Fold to tech journalists in the US prior to the event date. However, multiple reviewers have complained of facing issues with the screen, the protecting screen cover (guard) and, even, overall functioning. Some people have reported that the device stopped working within just two days.

With such a bad press, the Korean major has no other option but to withhold the launch event. Samsung has confirmed this development.

“After initial feedback, we have decided to delay the release of the …Galaxy Fold to make sure it measures up to the high standards we know you expect from us,” Samsung said in the statement.

Reuters has also reported that Samsung has started recalling all the preview units from the market to do a thorough investigation.

Some users have complained that the Galaxy Fold has issues with its hinges. Hope, you can recall that in March Samsung has circulated a video showing robots folding the smartphone even upto 2 lakh times to demonstrate its durability.

Interestingly, the pre-orders of Samsung Galaxy Fold has been completely sold out for the U.S, and now customers do not know what to do next. The company, however, stated that the pre-order requests have been registered and the queue status will be respected despite the delay and the company will not charge till the device reaches them.

“Your pre-order grantees your place in the queue for this innovative technology. You will not be charged until your order ships. We’ll update you with more shipping information in two weeks,” the statement said.

It also added that if the customers do not wish to wait till the Galaxy Fold ships to them, they can cancel their pre-order.

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