Transsion Launches One More Brand In India – Oraimo

Transsion Holdings, a Chinese mobile phone maker with over a decade in the business, has launched one more brand in the Indian market. The company already has four mobile phone brands in  India – itel, Tecno, Spice and Infinix. However, unlike these four brands the new brand – Oraimo, is not in to mobile phones but in to mobile phone accessories.

The new brand, Oraimo, plans to launch smart, innovative, and affordable accessories across various categories such as power banks, headphones, wearable smart devices, speakers, chargers, cables, protectors and memory cards.

“In line with its brand philosophy ‘Keep Exploring’, the launch is aimed to help young Indians explore through a large variety of cool, trendy, and smart accessories to add more excitement to their lives. This launch will complement Transsion’s four mobile phone brands – itel, TECNO, Spice Devices and Infinix – and to add another exciting experience to the consumer’s overall ownership experience,” the company said in a statement.

“The growing mobile/smartphone adoption and digital penetration in India is led largely by younger consumers across multiple geographies. These consumers are always on the lookout for more, evolved offerings, which is why we have decided to further enhance their mobile phone ownership experience with Oraimo, our mobile accessory brand. Oraimo products are already extremely popular in several international markets, thanks to their creative and trendy style, functionality, user-friendliness and convenience. We are confident that Oraimo will delight our customers in India, allowing them to explore more, enjoy more, and create fun, lasting mobile-based experiences,” said Guoli Liu, General Manager of Oraimo, Transsion Holdings.

Transsion Holdings was earlier known as Tecno Telecom when it was founded in 2006 and it had one mobile phone brand then – Techno Mobile. Later the company added one more phone brand – itel, and renamed the company as Transsion. The company entered in to India in the middle of 2016 with its itel branded phones and later on it added two more brands – Tecno and Infinix. In 2017, the company acquired Spice Mobiles of India from the BK Modi-led Spice Group.

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