Ciena Solutions Claim To Prevent 95% Network Outages

Ciena has claimed that it has integrated artificial intelligence and automation into its Blue Planet service which makes the solution predict and prevent 95% of network outages faced by telecom operators across the globe. As networks become more complex and software-driven due to the rise of 5G, IoT, and cloud-based services, service providers have an urgent need to use more proactive methods for addressing service disruptions.

To address this challenge,Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, is harnessing the power of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to help providers not only predict but to also proactively avoid outages,” says Ciena. “Blue Planet’s new Proactive Network Operations(PNO) solution enables AI-assisted operations to significantly improve the trouble-to-resolve process, forging a path toward a more adaptive network.”

“More providers are realizing that AI is key to facilitating a more automated way of running their business. Blue Planet’s goal is to enable customers to apply intelligent, closed-loop automation to all aspects of their operations with the goal of realizing Ciena’s vision of a fully adaptive network,” said Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Portfolio and Engineering, Blue Planet, a division of Ciena.

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Blue Planet’s PNO can predict potential service disruptions with exceptional accuracy, foreseeing up to 95 percent of unplanned network outages based on analysis of Ethernet and optical loss of signal (LOS) anomalies. PNO can quickly pinpoint the root cause and then prescribe the best actions to preemptively resolve the issue.

The solution has also created an OpEx savings calculatorto estimate the potential savings by deploying PNO. According to Blue Planet’s estimates, providers on average can save up to 38 percent in trouble-to-resolve OpEx per year.

Ciena also claims that PNO can be integrated into existing provider environments regardless of which vendor systems and networking equipment are in place. Additionally, Blue Planet’s service professionals can helpfine-tune and tailor PNO based on specific business objectives and network environment.

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