Broadcom launches nextgen set top box

Broadcom today announced a new reference platform for operators in emerging markets to more cost-effectively deploy two-way set-top box (STB) solutions with high definition (HD) and Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) 2.0.

The new Broadcom chipset builds on the proven engineering and expertise of the BCM7019 HD cable system-on-a-chip (SoC) and delivers on operators’ current needs for even higher performance, lower-cost STB devices.

As today’s consumers increasingly demand a wide range of HD video on demand, cable operators need a cost-effective, standards-based means to deploy value-added two-way HD STBs. The new Broadcom solution addresses this need with a dual-chip design that combines the BCM3308 with the BCM7584.

The BCM3308 is a single-chip DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem device that is based on Broadcom’s industry-leading series of DOCSIS 2.0 devices. Broadcom has shipped more than 150 million of its DOCSIS 2.0 SoCs to date. The BCM7584 is the first low-cost HD digital cable STB SoC to integrate Full-Band Capture technology and IP video server technology.

Broadcom’s breakthrough Full Band Capture technology enables the BCM7584’s four demodulators to simultaneously access broadcast video and tune DOCSIS, with complete channel flexibility up to 1GHz. Full Band Capture technology also enables advanced remote cable diagnostics, which can mitigate physical customer service calls and save operator substantial service call expenses.

“Our new HD DOCSIS 2.0 set-top box chipset enables cable operators to leverage their broadband network to deploy higher revenue-generating two-way HD services that compete effectively with satellite and IPTV video providers,” said John Gleiter, Broadcom vice president of Cable Broadband, Broadband Communications Group. “Broadcom’s new offering brings unprecedented performance and features previously unobtainable in low-cost HD DOCSIS 2.0 STBs.”

In addition to Full Band Capture, the new Broadcom set-top box offering features a 3D graphics processing unit to support advanced user interfaces using HTML5; advanced diagnostics with spectrum analyzer, and FastRTV, Broadcom’s innovative solution that improves channel change times to nearly instant speeds.

Performing at more than 2000 DMIPS, the new HD DOCSIS 2.0 STB solution provides twice the performance of Broadcom’s previous generation single-chip, and offers the latest advanced security with support for state-of-the-art of conditional access security (CAS) and digital rights management (DRM) technologies.

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