Bharti Airtel’s mobile data revenue up 20 percent

Bharti Airtel’s mobile data revenue for Q1 is Rs 1,159 crore, up 20 percent quarter-on-quarter.

India mobile data revenue for Q1 is Rs 845 crore, up 21 percent quarter-on-quarter similarly Africa mobile data revenue for Q1 is Rs 314 crore, up 18 percent quarter-on-quarter.

In terms of growth, the company is not doing well on mobile voice but in mobile data it is a different story. As per Q1 2014 result, Bharti Airtel’s voice ARPU is at Rs 166 and is growing at the rate of 7 percent whereas data ARPU is at Rs 63 and is growing at the rate of 59 percent. In terms of geography, mobile data continues its growth trajectory with revenue up Y-o-Y by 91.5 percent in India and 65.8 percent in Africa.

With respect to 3G numbers, Bharti Airtel has 8.7 milion active 3G customers in India of which 6.8 million are active 3G data customers as on June, 2013. Data customers on an average download The company offers a bouquet of service such as Mobile TV, video calls, live streaming of videos, gaming along with high speed access to Internet.

For Bharti Airtel, 3G number is bound to increase as Bharti Airtel has added 958 sites in India taking the overall tally of 3G sites to 25,604. Presently, 3G towers contribute around 19 percent of total sites. In Africa, Bharti Airtel has added 525 sites taking the overall tally of 3G sites to 6,201 and their share with respect to total site is 36 percent. The company has launched 3G service in 14 countries with recent launches in Burkina Faso and DRC in the quarter ended June 30, 2013.

Till date, Bharti Airtel has launched 4G services in Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune and Chandigarh and offers services like: superfast downloads, seamless video calling and HD video streaming without any buffering. The company has not disclosed any official number for 4G but subscriber numbers are pretty low.

Talking about 4G, Gopal Vittal, CEO, Bharti Airtel India said, “The device ecosystem will take some time to evolve.”

On fixed line broadband numbers, Bharti has 1.4 million subscribers located in 87 cities. with fixed broadband numbers showing no growth the focus is more on mobile broadband and one has to see how 3G and 4G shapes up in couple of years.

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