Are ‘YU’ Serious Rahul Sharma? Can You F(ACE) Off This Time?

You remember that smartphone brand called YU, a sub-brand from Micromax?


Well, many in the industry have forgotten the brand. ‘It doesn’t exist anymore’ is the general perception. And the consumers – they really do not care! With choices galore, they are at the liberty to dump a brand that has not launched a phone for almost a year now.

The same smartphone brand YU is hinting at a come-back – second time in last two years.

The Rahul Sharma-led firm has sent out media invitations indicating a launch of a new smartphone – apparently named YU ACE. The phone is scheduled to be laucnhed on 30 August. As per the graphics in the invitation, the YU ACE may come with a big battery. That’s what the image suggests.

And, perhaps, that is what left for the brand to offer. They can not innovate any more, they can not offer any thing better. It seems, they have nothing new to offer than selling off some old stocks with a little ‘renovation’.


But this invitation of a second come-back reeks of non-seriousness of the brand, as well as its management.

YU, as a smartphone company, had launched its last smartphone in September 2017 – exactly a year back from now. Much water has flown under the bridge during this one year. While YU was sleeping, or ‘waiting and watching’ as its founder Sharma once told us, many new brands have born in the Indian telecom space and started doing wonders.

In May 2017, we had carried a report that YU is shutting down business as the management at the parent company had failed to realise a differentiating factor in the sub brand. When we carried this report, YU had not launched a single phone in almost a year since it last launch.

Reacting to this report, YU hastily launched a new model – Yureka Black in July 2017, and offered to the industry a message that the company is still in business. Two months later, the company again launched another phone Yureka 2.

And that was the end. No products have been launched since.

While many new companies are born in last one year, all of them having Chinese roots, for example Comio, Tambo, Real Me and POCO, almost all of the Indian smartphone brands have almost gone extinct in last one and a half year.

So, for the industry as well as for the consumers, it will be difficult to trust on a brand that has been consistently inconsistent in its product road map. And then, the brand has to scream out loud why should they reconsider the brand – again.

While we hope, Rahul Sharma, who has single handedly established two smartphone brands – Micromax and YU – and took it to certain heights, behave little more seriously this time, at the same time, we are certain tasks are not as easy as it was two years back.

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