Apple and Google are Best Global Brands in 2013

Apple takes the number 1 spot and Google jumps to number 2 in the Best Global Brands 2013 report published by Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy firm.

With Apple claiming the top position this year, Google jumps to number 2 position and Coca-Cola, the brand that held the number 1 position for 13 consecutive years, moves to number 3 position.

Apple has appeared on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands ranking since 2000. In 2000, Apple ranked at 36 and had a brand value of $6.6 billion. Today, Apple’s brand value is $98.3 billion, almost 15 times the amount of its brand value in 2000. Apple’s meteoric rise in brand value can be attributed to the way it has created a seamless omni channel experience for customers.

By keeping consumers at the center of everything it does, Apple is able to anticipate what they want next and break new ground in terms of both design and performance. With 72 million Macs in use and record-breaking sales of both the iPhone and iPad, Apple has made history by unseating Coca-Cola and becoming Interbrand’s most valuable global brand of 2013.

“Tim Cook has assembled a solid leadership team and has kept Steve Jobs’ vision intact – a vision that has allowed Apple to deliver on its promise of innovation time and time again,” said Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer

When determining the top 100 most valuable global brands, Interbrand examines three key aspects that contribute to a brand’s value- Financial performance of the branded products or service; Role the brand plays in influencing consumer choice; and the strength the brand has to command a premium price, or secure earnings for the company

Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are the top rising brands in 2013. Facebook is at number 52 and has moved up by 43 percent. Facebook is the only social media brand to claim a position on this year’s Best Global Brands ranking. The company has succeeded in boosting both revenue and earnings per share in the past year and has surpassed Wall Street’s expectations in the process.

Google is at number 2 position and has moved up by 43 percent. Due to evolutionary changes to its core offerings (Search, Android, and Gmail) and new innovations like Google Glass and its self-driving car, Google’s brand value increased by 34 percent.

Apple is at number 1 position and has moved up by 28 percent. The Apple brand proved to be resilient and emerged as not only the leader in this year’s Best Global Brands report, but also a top riser.

Amazon is at number 19 and ha moved up by 27 percent. The e-commerce innovator continues to differentiate itself from rivals by taking on initiatives such as Amazon Appstore, which provides a comprehensive mobile experience for Google Android devices.

Amazon has also expanded into new businesses such as TV-set-top boxes, original programming, 3-D smartphones, the Kindle line of e-book readers, and same-day grocery delivery service. Such initiatives, if successful, could mean Amazon will play an even greater and more holistic role in its consumers’ future retail experiences.

Out of this year’s top 10 brands, seven hail from the technology sector. Technology dominates as the most valuable sector overall with a combined brand value $443.2 billion.

Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, publishes Best Global Brands on an annual basis, identifying and examining the top 100 most valuable global brands.

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