Will FTTx and Wi-Fi help Reliance Jio?

Reliance Jio India Limited (RJIL) is focusing on 4G LTE services through FDD-LTE on 1,800 MHz and TDD-LTE on 2,300 MHz through an integrated ecosystem but the company is also focusing on FTTx (fiber to the x) and Wi-Fi at the same time. Both these technologies give Reliance Jio the advantage of being a full service provider in the broadband space.

Relaince Jio is providing both wireless broadband as well as wireline broadband at the same time, giving consumers and enterprise the option to choose what they plan to deploy in their homes or offices.

RJIL has a pan India license to operate Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) for 22 circles in 2300 MHz and 1,800 MHz across 14 circles to strengthen in-building coverage in LTE but the company is also rolling out high speed internet services via FTTx in over 900 cities and towns.

All this will give Relaince Jio a unique advantage vis-a-vis its competitors in terms of pan India coverage and also providing high speed connectivity for new kind of application be it broadband on demand, security on demand and entertainment on demand services and others. The fiber can also provide bandwidth support to other operators be it Internet service providers, broadband operators and cable TV providers.

The high speed fiber connectivity will enable RJIL to provide a wide gamut of digital services across various sectors be it healthcare, education, security, financial services, government, manufacturing, entertainment and the list is endless. All this will help in digitizing business in the country thereby opening up new business models for corporates which would be interesting to watch.

Reliance Jio is also working on free Wi-Fi hotspots model to see the traffic pattern and usage in these locations. The company has launched free Wi-Fi hotspots in 8 locations at Ahmedabad and 9 locations at Baroda and Surat. High speed Internet trials have been provided to over 55,000 unique devices since the launch and users are provided 72 hours of free usage which can be extended through reactivation. Users are served by on-ground teams deployed in each of these locations and central call centers to facilitate connectivity to Reliance Jio Wi-Fi.

Initially, Reliance Jio will start with business district coverage and provide limited LTE coverage in a city. The coverage will increase with Wi-Fi access points as consumers will get good quality service in specific locations within a city and as time progresses, the Wi-Fi coverage within the city will increase. Wi-Fi connectivity will give an increased broadband coverage in the and coupled with LTE and FTTx coverage, it will help in making the city broadband ready.

Not only this, the company is also working with renowned OEMs, ODMs and chipset vendors on end-to-end device design and engineering for developing the eco-system for LTE phones and broadband devices in India so that they are affordable. The company is also ensuring the tight integration of these devices with Jio’s network infrastructure, platforms and applications portfolio for a seamless broadband experience to both consumer as well as enterprise users.

So by putting the right infrastructure, be it LTE, FTTx and Wi-Fi and providing affordable broadband devices, Reliance Jio is planning to change the digital landscape of India to make everything e-ready.

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