Why Uninor is different?

uninor-break-evenUninor has achieved financial breakeven in two more circles, taking the overall tally to 5 circles and the company is moving as per plan to achieve break even in all circles by 2013.

Recently, the company achieved break even in Uttar Pradesh (West) and Bihar circle. The company has already achieved break even across Uttar Pradesh (East), Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat circles. The only circle where it has not achieved financial break even is Maharashtra circle which is planned for 2013 end.

The success of its early break even in majority of its circle vis-a-vis new entrants MTS and Videocon can be attributed to its successful operations in many emerging markets. Uninor’s parent company, Telenor has been operating services in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Pakistan. Recently, the company has also won license to operate 2G and 3G services in Myanmar.

The company already has the experience of running successful operations in emerging economies like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand. All this has benefited Uninor a lot and has helped in achieving the fastest breakeven in India. It is also heartening to know that all these innovations are now being applied even to European markets by Telenor.

In India, Uninor had a different challenge in terms of sheer number of competitors right from the beginning. The company had no other option but to think differently and the focus was on daily execution in terms of daily planning and daily gross adds. So, the USP of its break even strategy can be attributed to its working style and simplification.

The company considers partners as part of the company and there is no distinction between employees and partners. The company has worked a lot on IT automation to make it customer friendly and has been able to reduced IT cost by around 50 percent. Even the company has also reduced its call center cost by effective planning.

Uninor focuses a lot on simplification. If any scheme is simple then one does not require huge manpower either on the call center or sales/marketing for demystifying the current scheme to probable users. All this helps in faster activation of subscribers and also helps in keeping the cost low for Uninor. The company looks at network beyond managed services as partners are involved in cost per minute tariff and customer expectation meetings. The technology selection helps in better antenna selection bringing lot of efficiency. So, all this helps Uninor to lower per minute cost without quality deterioration.

Uninor is different from MTS and Videocon as the focus is on grass root level planning, hands on management and strong execution culture. All this helps Uninor to gain new heights even when others are still figuring out their break even strategy.






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