What To Expect From Mukesh Ambani’s Announcement Today

Reliance Industries has informed its Chairman Mukesh Ambani is going to make some announcements today. Industry and media in particular and public in general become too excited whenever RIL says there’s a Mukesh Ambani’s announcement. Whenever there was a such announcement, the public as well as the industry wait for it in bated breath and with equal curiosity – the public expecting some telecom freebies and offerings, and his industry competitors start to calculate how its going to impact them.

So what will Mukesh Ambani’s announcement include today? We do not know what he will announce today but here are some anticipated announcements.

Jio 100 Mn Customers

We are sure this makes a part of Mukesh Ambani’s announcement today. In fact Ambani is expected to open his remarks with this announcement that Reliance Jio had acquired 100 million customers. We are privy to one of his presentation slides that says ‘We dreamt it, we did it’. And the company ‘celebrates 100 million digital life’ in just 170 days.

Free Offers Extension

We do not believe Reliance Jio to extend the free services beyond 31 March, 2017. However, at the same time, he is not going to create a situation where customers, say this 100 million, would dump Jio SIM and go back to their old loyal service provider – be it Airtel, Vodafone or Idea, or any other. It is expected he may announce some lucrative tariff plans so that the customers still remained glued to his data plans. He may offer some freebies along with his data plans. For example, yesterday Jio and Uber forged a partnership where Uber users can pay using JioMoney. While doing that, the company said, it will come up with some incentive plans for both JioMoney and Uber users. However, the details about the incentives are not announced. Ambani might add this to his speech today.

Jio LYF Feature Phone

Well, he may finally announce the LYF 4G feature phone today. TeleAnalysis had broke the story that Jio is planning to bring a 4G feature phone, could be named LYF Easy, and will price it below Rs 1500. This has been doing the rounds for quite some days, but it seems the time has come. This could be one announcement today. Mukesh Ambani had always maintained that his company’s goal is to reach out to the masses of the country, and an affordable 4G feature phone could enable him to achieve that.

The objective of bringing 4G feature phones is to offer VoLTE capability in the low-cost phones. These phones will have VoLTE capability so that the users can make free voice calls, the main priority of that kind of user, and the most lucrative offer from Jio.

In India feature phones still contribute close to 70% of phone sales and the price starts from Rs 500 and goes upto Rs 4000. However, 80% of the feature phones of below Rs 2000 are not capable of anything beyond voice calls and text messages. The biggest deterrent for data consumption is the lack of an access device, and affordability is the prime reason why 70% of Indians still buying feature phones. With the launch of features phones that are 4G compatible can surely change the dynamics of data business for operators.

The other elements that could be a part of Mukesh Ambani’s announcement today would be around his plans for Jio Payments Bank which is expected to be launched anytime in this month or before March.

The company has informed that he will make his speech at 1.30 Pm today. Ever since his firm Reliance Jio entered to the telecom business, any and every such announcement has created flutters in the industry and ruffled few feathers among his competitors.

You can watch RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani’s announcement here.

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