Uninor’s 50 paisa game plan

The company expects to double its data revenue with this scheme

uninor-facebookUninor on Monday launched what it called ‘Sabse Sasta’ Facebook and ‘Sabse Sasta’ Whatsapp plan. The GSM operator who runs service in six circles drifted away from traditional ‘GB’ and ‘MB’ method of providing data services and initiated application centric services.

Now, with Uninor’s new internet plans, users can access Facebook or Whatsapp for one hour for 50 paise. At present the GSM operator is offering this two applications under this new scheme. Besides the hour-wise plan, Uninor also offers Facebook and Whatsapp usage for its users on day, week and monthly basis. How it’s different from other traditional data plans? Well, a customer can use unlimited Facebook or Whatsapp for 50 paise during the one hour. Means, instead of quantity of data, the user now will be limited by the time duration. Similarly, it now offers the service for 1 day for Rs 1, for one week at Rs 5 and unlimited use for one month at Rs 15. So the user can use this two hugely popular social media application for just Rs 15 if he chooses to use for entire month, without the worry of quantity of data he consumed.

The earlier GB and MB plan by operators were a huge downer with users as they were charged heavily once the ‘GB’ plan is consumed. Now, it would be peace of mind for users as they do not have to worry about the quantity of data being consumed.

Uninor, through its parent company Telenor, has forged a global tie-up with Facebook and Whatsapp. The company expects to double its data userbase and revenue from data business with this plan. At present the company has close to 40 million subscribers in all of its six operating circles. Of this, 23% are active internet users. The company expects it to reach 50% by end of 2014.

Besides the global tie up with Facebook and Whatsaap which makes Uninor offer such competitive offerings, the company said it has ramped up its network infrastructure for this purpose. With this network up-gradation, Uninor can also offer the data services like Facebook and Whatsapp to users who are not using smartphones. The company uses data compression technology which would compress data substantially which enables data access through feature phones as well.

Uninor who offers only prepaid services across six circles in the country said it does not have any plans to offer postpaid services in the near future. ‘There is no such plan (of offering postpaid service) in near future as more than 93% of Indian mobile users are on prepaid plans,” said Amresh Kumar Chief Product Officer of Uninor who also heads the Internet project for the company.

The time bound Facebook and Whatsapp service of Uninor will initially be launched in the three circles – Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.

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