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With the entry of Chinese smartphones in India, the country saw, among others, a new trend – the claim of the launched model being ‘sold out’ in few minutes. The smartphone company used to wishfully claim the said model was sold out in varied time units – hours, minutes and even seconds, however without disclosing the number of units that were sold out in that duration. Helping this gimmick are the tender hands of the e-commerce and online retail partners like Flipkart, SnapDeal and Amazon. Or, any other such online platforms.

Not very jokingly, but one can claim all units ‘sold out’ even putting just ‘one’ unit on the online retail partner’s platform. Technically the claim is correct and as long as the device company is hands in gloves with their partner, thanks to the symbiotic relation, the ‘sold out’ claim would sound glamorous.

However, this is far from the truth, and you would be surprised to know the number of phones these companies sell during that ‘claimed’ period versus what they claim.

Sold Out : Oppo F3 Deepika Padukone Edition

Yesterday Chinese smartphone maker Oppo announced that its F3 Deepika Padukone edition was sold out in few hours.

“Following the afternoon sale on 21st August 2017, the limited edition OPPO F3 in partnership with Deepika Padukone has exceeded expectation and was sold out within 2 hours of the sale going live on Flipkart,” the statement boasted.

But the fact of the matter is, if the sources at both the parties – FlipKart and Oppo, are believed, less than 2000 units were sold in first few hours.

As expected, our query to Oppo remain unanswered by the time the story went live.

Let’s take another example

Sold Out : Kult Beyond From Optiemus Group

India’s Optiemus Group that sells smartphones like BlackBerry, HTC and Zen had launched a new smartphone brand – Kult – and launched its first smartphone Kult Beyond in the first week of August. The phone went on sale on Amazon India on August 18.

On August 19, the company announced that the Kult Beyond smartphone was sold out in ‘few hours’ on the flash sale.

“Kult, a new age telecom brand, today announced that its recently launched smartphone Kult Beyond was sold out within the first few hours on,” the announcement reads.

Insiders in Optiemus, wishing not to be quoted, said the phone did not see any sale in first few hours.

“Few hundred units are sold till today,” the source said. This response was till 21st August.

Sold Out : YU Yureka Black

Micromax’ subsidiary and independent smartphone brand YU made a grand comeback in June, 2017, after almost a year’s of sleep, with the launch of Yureka Black. The phone went on sale on midnight of June 5 on FlipKart.

On June 6, Flipkart announced that the YU Yureka Black sold 80 units per minute, without disclosing for many minutes this trend lasted.

“The comeback device from Yu – Yureka Black which was launched exclusively for sale on Flipkart has witnessed record sales on the first day of its launch. Following the midnight launch on 5th June, Flipkart sold the Yureka Black at a rate of over 80 units per minute,” the press statement read.

We tried to find the answer for how many minutes the company sold 80 units per minute. FlipKart was reluctant to hand over the data but had to, finally.

“Flipkart sold the Yu Yureka Black at a rate of over 80 units per minute for the first hour of launch i.e. 6th June 00:01hrs to 01:00 hrs,” said a FlipKart response.

So, basically, the company sold units 80 units per minute for only 60 minutes or just one hour, that totals 4800 units. ¬†This is the product’s claim for fame for that one hour.

Interestingly, when either the smartphone company or the retail partner has really something to boast about, they do not hide the numbers. Let’s take FlipKart’s statement for Moto E4 Plus.

“The much awaited Moto E4 Plus smartphone, which was launched exclusively on Flipkart, crossed 1 Lakh units in sales within 24 hours. Following the midnight launch on 12th July, Flipkart sold at a rate of over 580 units per minute (for the first 60 mins). Close to 1.5 lakh customers showed interest in the product by visiting the product page in first hour of going live,” Flipkart said in a statement.

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