How MyOperator Puts SMEs And Startups On a Digital Fast-track

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s call for a Digital India, no doubt, has given many a large business houses and enterprises the required impetus to use the latest technologies and solutions for their business enhancement. Small firms, despite too keen to join the bandwagon, however, often find it challenging, as most of the solutions their big counterparts deploy for digitization, are expensive and cumbersome.

However, there are firms like MyOperator that bring solutions that are equally sophisticated, at times more, yet are affordable for small firms, startups and SMEs.

“There are firms with 1 to 10 employees who have similar requirements like big firms in some areas, say call management. But then, affordability becomes an issue as they do not find it worthy to deploy traditional solutions that cost in lakhs,” says Ankit Jain, co-founder and CEO of MyOperator – a firm that offers cloud based call management solutions.


Ankit Jain, co-founder & CEO, MyOperator

A call management solution is an application that manages the business calls a firm receives on its official contact numbers – typically what a EPABX system does in an office environment. It manages thousands of calls, keeps a record of the conversations and at times, offers notifications and alerts. The traditional system involved a physical machine, complex wiring, an application and, at times a technician for maintenance.

MyOperator, however, has made it quite simple. The cloud-based application is just a customized software and involves no hardware or physical machine. Because the application is software driven, it can be scaled at will and functionalities can be added on-demand. This Delhi based firm developed the call management solutions keeping an eye on the SMEs and small firms who want a simple yet affordable solution to embrace digitization.

“Because ours is a cloud-based solution, we can set it up within 15 minutes, and next is, you are on an automated call management environment,” adds Ankit emphasizing its simplicity. “On top of that, it is very affordable and you can pay-as-you-use.”

But do SMEs and Startups Need a Call Management Solution?

“In fact they need it more than the big enterprises,” explains Ankit who co-founded MyOperator in 2013 along with his brother Pratik. “For them every call matters and they cannot afford to lose a call that comes with a potential business for them.”

According to Ankit, a BIT graduate, business houses loose around 22% of their potential revenue because of some unattended calls.

“We had done quite few studies and researches around firms of different sizes. And it would surprise you that they loose revenue opportunity to the tune of 20 to 22% because they could not manage their calls properly,” he says. “That was the basis of our solution.”

Ankit says the firms who have deployed their solution have had their revenues increased by 15% in the first year itself.

Business houses loose around 22% of their potential revenue because phone calls are not attended properly

The company offers a complete suite of call management solutions that includes cloud-based EPABX, virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, call recording and customised IVR (interactive voice response).

At present the company has more than 3000 customers in India. One of the first and plum customers it had acquired was to manage Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s weekly program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ where MyOperator provided a virtual number that can be dialed by the public to share their ideas with the PM. Some of its customers include¬†Tech Mahindra, Lenskart, Canon, Snapdeal and Make My Trip.

What’s Next

Ankit says the company is growing at a rapid pace, both in terms of revenue as well as customers, and it is seeing growing at 100% CAGR. While the India base is being solidified, the 4 year old firm is eyeing expansion, the US and the UK being its first targets.

In terms of solution, the company is experimenting with something interesting.

“We have developed a voice bot that will talk to you like humans when you call on the business number,” says Ankit who feels an IVR can remove its ‘irritating’ tag if the voice at the other side ‘talks to you the way we do with each other.’

This is being trialed in the lab, and its working fine. But the company may take another year to launch the product as it is testing and integrating all the languages and thousands of Indian accents to the system so that it can work seamlessly.

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