Mixed reaction on spectrum recommendations

It is a mixed response from telecom industry associations. AUSPI is disappointed whereas COAI is jubilant.

CS Rao, president, AUSPI

c s rao

Reduction in the price of 900 MHz significantly to an extent of 67 percent seems to benefit only COAI operators (incumbent operators). There is no other techno-economic justification and seems to be have been considered and this leads to much worse level playing field situation.

We are extremely disappointed at the view of TRAI that 800 MHz should not be auctioned now specially when MTS, Tata and RCOM as AUSPI members pressed for recommendation on reserved price for 800 MHz however over 100 million subscriber base around these operators have expansion plans and eagerly awaited recommendation at much lower pricing level then 1800 MHz considering that 800 MHz does not even have an alternate option.

Ashok Sud, secretary general, AUSPI

AUSPI is disappointed that TRAI has thought it fit to move from the current slab based charges to a flat based charge because the latter gives them an unfair advantage to operators with larger spectrum holding.

Rajan S Mathews, director general, COAI


As an industry we are encouraged by the directive of pricing on 1800 MHz and the push towards spectrum trading, towards flat SUC charge and for the fact that a common SUC charge for all access service providers.

We are disappointed with regard to refarming and that TRAI still believes that the spectrum held by incumbent is not liberalized.”

MTS Spokesperson

“We are still studying TRAI recommendations on spectrum pricing and it is still premature to comment.”

Uninor Spokesperson

We note that the TRAI recommendations have been published. This is an extensive document that we will need to study fully before arriving at our position on various issues.

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