Your Jio Prime Expires This Month, What To Expect Next?

Jio Prime, the coveted membership plan from Reliance Jio, is expiring on 31 March 2018. That means all the facility that you have been enjoying under this scheme is going to be ceased by end of this month. And as of now the company has not come out with any new plan or offer to replace its Jio Prime.

When the first membership plan under Jio Prime launched in September 2016, customers were allowed time till March 31, 2017 to enroll for the plan. The membership, that costs Rs 99 for a period of one year, entitles the members to avail whole lot of service from Jio. The services include unlimited calls, unlimited data at 1GB per day for 3 months, unlimited SMS and plethora of content related services.

We had then reported that because the company could not gather enough Jio Prime members during the offer period, it had to extend the deadline for another month. Some 30% customers of Jio’s 100 million customers had then enrolled for the membership.

However, things have changed drastically since then, and for good too.The company has more than 160 million customer now and around 80% of these are on Jio Prime. So, the big question is whether Mukesh Ambani would come out more such plans to attract more customers? Or, is there a need at the first place, to lure more customers to take on board?

Then what are the possibilities? What the company would do after the expiry of Jio Prime?

“We have time till month end. We may come out something new before that,” said a source at Jio, without showing any interest in revealing more details.

What we have learnt from others, mostly Jio’s partners and some JCMs or Jio Center Manager who looks after a Jio Point, is the company may just extend the membership for another year.

“It was announced that Jio Prime is a yearly membership. If it expires on 31 March, the company would ask you to renew it by paying the renewal fee of Rs 99,” said a JCM. “That sounds most logical,” he added.

Though we did not get any solid information about Jio’s next move, couple of JCMs suggest there is a big surprise in store that will be announced in the last week of March.

Looking at the track record of Reliance Jio in throwing up surprises to retain its customers, we do believe that Jio would come up with some more surprises to its Jio Prime members.

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