Is Reliance Jio Tricking You On Your Data Plans?

While Reliance Jio offers 1.5 GB of data a day in one of its data plans, the notification it sends to consumers shows the data is being consumed much faster than actual consumption

Have you ever checked if your service provider is giving you the full amount of data it promised in the subscription plan? Has it ever struck you that your service provider can trick you by promising more data and, in reality, giving you less?

Well, it had never struck me till I got an alert from my service provider – Reliance Jio. And, after bit of research, I’m now compelled to believe that customers can be tricked, and are, perhaps, being tricked by operators.

Like many fellow Indians, I also have subscribed to Reliance Jio’s prepaid Rs 399 plan that offers 1.5 GB of high speed 4G data per day with a validity of 84 days. This is one of Jio’s most selling data plans in the prepaid category. The data speed is quite good and one gets his daily quota of 1.5 GB data renewed automatically every 24 hours irrespective of the same being consumed or not. There is, however, no data roll over in this plan.

The daily quota of 1.5 GB seems enough for regular to bit flamboyant use of data services including web surfing, watching few videos, listening to music, a bit of gaming etc, and still there seems to be some juice left in the data plan at the end of day.

So far so good.

How It appears to be tricking

Yesterday, I received an alert from Jio customer system that by 10.46 AM I have consumed 50% of my daily quota of 1.5 GB. I was bit surprised but took it with a pinch of salt as since morning I had used apps like email, music and navigation for some duration.


I was fine with that. But to my surprise, I got another notification, within minutes, that by 10.48 AM I had consumed 90% of data.


This was bit gross. How could I consume 600 MB of data within two minutes? It surprised me more as I was in a conference and could no way would like to use high-data-consuming apps like video, games, live streaming etc. Yes, I was checking emails every now and then.


Jio notification then informed me that by 10.49 AM I consumed 100% of my daily quota of 1.5 GB. Means, within 10.46 AM and 10.49 AM – within a span of 3 minutes, I consumed 750 MB of data. And that too without using any high-data-gulping apps!!

What It Takes To Consume 1 GB Data

Technically, one can consume 1 GB of data in 57 seconds, if we consider Jio’s average data speed of 18 MB per second, and if we download data at that rate continuously for that amount of time. This, however, does not happen in real-life scenario. Downloading a 4K movie can, of course, consume this much of data, or more.

“1GB (or 1024MB) of data lets you send or receive about 1,000 emails and browse the Internet for about 20 hours every month,” says BT (British Telecom) to explain what it takes to consume 1 GB of data.

AT&T gives a detailed structure on how much data various apps consume.


“Its highly unlikely that, at current data speed, one can consume 750 MB data in two to three minutes,” says an technology expert who is a known figure in the Indian telecom space and is regarded as one of the finest domain experts in the country.

Also, my total data consumption from 1 August 2018 to 9 August 2018, as recorded in my device, was 2 GB . And my data consumption pattern, invariably, remains almost similar on every day.

Is It Deliberate

I’m not sure if it is deliberate attempt by the operator to trick consumers by offering less data promising more because it does not offer any substantial benefit on the short run. On long run, yes, customers would be compelled to recharge their phones more often than actually required.

The other reason could be there is a system fault.

Our questions to Jio on the same remained unanswered by the time the story went online.

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