India’s electronic market to reach $160.5 bn by 2020

India’s electronic market is forecasted to reach $160.5 billion by 2020 according to government of India’s estimate.

Telecom equipment and laptops, desktops and tablets will contribute $34 billion each, LED at $35 billion, consumer electronics at $29 billion, set top boxes and automotive electronics at $10 billion each and medical electronics at $8.5 billion.

The Indian ESDM industry was estimated to be worth $68.31 billion in 2012 and is anticipated to grow $94.2 billion by 2015 with a CAGR of 9.88 percent between 2011-15. In 2020, it will reach $160.5 billion according to government of India’s estimate.

The ESDM sector comprises of electronic products, electronic components, semiconductor design and electronics manufacturing services (EMS). The top 10 electronic products by revenue is mobile phones, flat panel display TVs, notebooks, desktops, digital cameras, inverters/ UPS, memory cards/USB drives, EMS/LCD monitors and servers.

Expected Electronic Market in India by 2020
Segment – Market (in $bn)
Telecom Equipment –  34
Laptops, Desktops, Tablets – 34
LED – 35
Consumer Electronics – 29
Set Top Boxes – 10
Automotive Electronics – 10
Medical Electronics – 8.5
Source: TeleAnalysis

Keeping in view the huge market, government’s Make in India program will help in facilitating investment, foster innovation, protect intellectual property and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure.

In order to help India achieve local manufacturing, the government of India is doing its best by reducing complexity and significantly increasing speed and transparency. Focus is on applying for industrial license and industrial entrepreneur memorandum made online on 24×7 basis through eBiz portal; validity of Industrial license extended to three years; services of all central government departments & ministries will be integrated with the E-Biz by 31 December, 2014; obtaining environmental clearances through online; and all returns should be filed on-line through a unified form.

Adequately developed Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry is set to be a significant contributor to the entire industry’s development and will help the country to move at a fast pace.

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