Why we need a ministry of convergence?


Shri narendra Modi, PM India

Narendra Modi, the prime minister designate is thinking out of the box and is focusing on how to lift the Indian economy to new heights. In this regard, there have been some talks about clubbing of different ministries into one. On the one hand it will lead to lot of savings and also lead to faster completion of any task keeping in view the holistic development. On the other hand it will lead to right sizing of the ministry and will deliver right results without interference from other ministries.

The Modi government is thinking of clubbing many ministries into one. For e.g. the transport ministry should include ministries comprising of railways, roads, ports & shipping and civil aviation. The ministry of energy may include oil & gas, power, coal and renewable energy. The ministry of culture and tourism should be clubbed and made into ministry of tourism. There has also been talks about consolidating ministries or departments of food, agriculture, water resources, fertilizer and food processing under one ministry so that one can get desired result by visualizing the complete value chain at one go.

In the ICE (Information, Communications and Entertainment) sector, we will see ministry of convergence which will merge ministry of communications and information technology and ministry of information & broadcasting into one.

We are already seeing convergence of devices. For e.g. smartphones are providing voice, data as well as Mobile TV at the same time. We are also witnessing convergence of networks where one network is capable of providing voice, data and video at the same time say IPTV being provided on PC. So when devices and networks are providing convergence why not there is not convergence in the ministry.

Presently, in terms of regulation, ministry of information and broadcasting is governed by TRAI (telecom regulatory authority of India) so it makes all the more sense for information and broadcasting to be governed by one ministry. The I&B ministry takes care of TV and radio and all this can be governed by a single ministry which can take care of IT, telecommunications, TV and radio simultaneously.

In terms of frequency usage, the ministry of convergence will help in utilizing the right frequency band for the right technology depending upon India’s priority in the long run.The ministry will also promote convergence irrespective of the operator be it cable tv, mobile, fixed and others.

One needs to see whether things are moving towards ministry of convergence and the big question is who will head this ministry.



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