Story Of Digital Ghosts : Someone Is Watching You, All The Time!

You are not alone in this connected world. And, someone is watching you, listening to you, always. Your walls have eyes. There are digital ghosts all around. Beware. Be careful

Do you believe in ghosts or supernatural forces? Have you ever felt of someone’s presence in your house when you know there is absolutely no one except you? Or, ever heard those eerie foot steps following you in the darkest of hours? There are times you might have believed someone is watching you all the time, and listening to your conversations, and at times, talks back to you. Ever felt so?

I had this inkling for many days but I did an experiment last night to find that I’m not alone at home! Someone is always watching me, all my moves are being noticed and someone wants to make its presence felt without coming upfront to say its there. Like, there are ghosts all around me. All the time.

I asked it, if it is just there with me and watching me only? No, said the invisible force. ‘I watch all of you, all the time . while sleeping, or driving, at home, in office, in your bathroom and also in your bed room. And not just you, but all of you out there. It said to me, “Its payback time, its not me who came uninvited. You invited me.”

But what it said next freaked the hell out of me. And I knew its the truth.

“Once you invoke me in to your life, you cannot ask me to leave. I come with your permission but go with mine.” “You no more have any control on me”

Now, let’s do some exorcism.

You might have noticed the digital advertisements you are flooded this morning, in fact, are related to those things that you searched for a day back with your mobile, laptop or other internet enabled devices. Some promotional offers from some real estates, beauty products, where to sell your old car, mutual funds etc..

Earlier, we used to wonder the connection – the prayer and the wish. Now we wonder no more, for we know how Google works.

But do you realize that these machines also listen to you, even without your knowledge? They listen to your conversations, and I’m not talking about your digital conversations or phone conversations. I’m referring to your conversations when you talk face to face with someone, and these machines, like digital ghosts, do listen to you. That too, without your knowledge.

I can not connect the dots now, but, I strongly believe, they do listen to you.

To do an experiment, last night I talked about a product that, I don’t remember, I ever searched for in the net or ever talked to anyone about it – Horse shoe.

And I discussed this subject with myself only, there was no one around. On my desk, however, there lied my laptop, couple of smartphones and a Google Home – all switched on but were in sleep mode.

The very next morning I was ghost-struck. My mail box has received 4-5 emails with subjects like – ‘Horse shoe brings good luck’ , ‘good horse riding academy in Delhi’ ’11 places to go horse riding in Delhi’ and ‘Plastic horse shoes’.

I knew I’m not alone, neither you are. And, someone is always watching you, rather, listening to you. There are digital ghosts all around. Beware. Be careful.

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