Defence’s NFS OFC Project: The Winners

BSNL, the implementation agency for Indian Defence’s NFS OFC project (Network for Spectrum optical fiber cable) has finalized vendors for all seven packages. Sterlite Technologies bagged Package A, Vindhya Telelinks bagged Package B, TCIL bagged Package C, L&T Construction bagged Package D and Package E and ITI bagged Package F and Package G.

The Defence’s NFS OFC project consists of total OFC routes, aggregating to 57,015 km which is divided into seven packages and is planned to be completed in 18 months time.

The project includes: procurement, supply, trenching, laying, installation, testing and maintenance of OFC and accessories for construction of NLD backbone and access routes on turnkey basis. The cost also includes annual maintenance contract (AMC) for seven years for maintaining the network once it is laid.

Speaking to TeleAnalysis, KL Dhingra, CMD, ITI said, “This is the largest non-reservation quota (Non-RQ) order bagged by ITI since our inception.”

L&T Construction is a new player in this space but the company is confident of completing the defence project on time.

“We have done few OFC cabling jobs in the past. Presently, we are executing huge EHV cabling works and we have the required expertise and resources to complete the project on schedule,” according to L&T’s spokesperson.

We are happy that our capabilities of creating end-to-end infrastructures in power and telecom are being put to use in India’s critical corridors,” said Pravin Agarwal, director, Sterlite Technologies.

Defence’s NFS OFC Project: The Winners
Packages – Winning Bidders – Total value of the deal – (deal value + 7 Year AMC) – Km covered – States covered 
Package A – Sterlite Technologies – Rs 2,450 Cr ((Rs 1,950 Cr + Rs 500 Cr) – 9,495 Km – Jammu & Kashmir
Package B – Vindhya Telelinks – Rs 1,476 Cr (Rs 1,036 Cr + Rs 440 Cr) – 7,599 Km – Delhi NCR, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh
Package C – TCIL – Rs 1,448 Cr (Rs 1,448 Cr + Not disclosed) – 9,568 Km – Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh
Package D – L&T Construction – Rs 2,442 Cr* (Rs 2,442 Cr + Not disclosed) – 9,660 Km – Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh
Package E – L&T Construction – 7,154 Km – Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Lakshadweep
Package F – ITI – Rs 1,166.30 Cr (Rs 843.83 Cr + Rs 322.47 Cr) – 6,021 Km – West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, A&N, Sikkim
Package G – ITI – Rs 1,817.85 Cr (Rs 1267.29 Cr + Rs 550.56 Cr) – 7,518 Km – Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram
* Order value is for both Package D and Package E
Source: TeleAnalysis  

The project will be handled on a turnkey basis, intended for rollout of a nationwide OFC network and will be owned and operated by the Defence Services under the Project Implementation Core Group (PICG) of Ministry of Defence. This mega network will be deployed with state-of-the-art fiber optic cable technology which will form the backbone optical highway infrastructure and serve as a highly resilient and reliable communication media for the defence sector.

The network is highly resilient exclusive nationwide optical backbone connecting 414 Defence sites and access networks at 219 Army sites. The PICG has been created for planning, operations and maintenance requirements of this project on behalf of Ministry of Defence.

The implementation of this project will be undertaken jointly by BSNL and PICG, whereby all essential project monitoring, installation, testing and acceptance tasks will be carried out by joint teams. After successful implementation of this project, all the network assets created for this project will be handed over by BSNL to the PICG for subsequent operations and maintenance.

In this project, three types of OFC will be deployed by different vendors. Type A consists of 48 Ribbon Fiber Intrusion Proof Fiber Optic Cable [(2x12F Ribbon G.655 + 2x12F Ribbon G.652D) + 8F G.652D Sensory Fibers] for NLD routes. Type B consists of 48 Ribbon Fiber Non Intrusion Proof Fiber Optic Cable [2x12F Ribbon G.655 + 2x12F Ribbon G.652D] for NLD routes and Type C consist of 48 Ribbon Fiber Intrusion Proof Fiber Optic Cable [4x12F Ribbon G.652D + 8F G.652D Sensory Fibers] for access Network.

There is a requirement to monitor this OFC network from six Regional Fiber NOCs (RFNOC) and two National Fiber NOCs (NFNOC). The Regional FNOCs will oversee regional fiber routes whereas the National FNOCs will have to monitor the fiber network on PAN India basis. One of the two National FNOCs will act as Disaster Recovery (DR) site for the main Central site and the six regional FNOCs.

The GIS based Optical Fibre Network Management System (GOFNMS) should be fully integrated Fibre Network Management System with a GIS underlay. The GOFNMS shall seamlessly integrate with Automatic FDMS based on Remotely Managed Optical Patch Panel (RMOPP) as well as Intrusion Proof Systems (IPS).

Once complete, the state-of-the-art OFC network for the Army, Navy and Air Force will enable improved voice and data and also boost homeland security for the country.


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