Airtel FIR : Guess Who’s Behind The ‘Malicious Campaign’

Country’s largest operator Bharti Airtel has filed an FIR (first information report) against unknown persons for running a malicious and fraudulent campaign against it. The Airtel FIR seeks immediate action from the authority.

The police complaint filed by the operator said it received an email from a person named ‘Santosh Chaturvedi’ with a subject line ‘Oppose Airtel from misleading consumers’ on 1 February. Subsequently the operator received around 3000 such mails from an email ID ( asking people to avoid Airtel.

“As a responsible and reputable organisation since the email was received by one of our employees, the matter was reported internally for preliminary investigation,” Airtel wrote in the police complaint.

Both documents, the FIR and the Email, were reviewed by TeleAnalysis.


The email, asking to sign a petition, appeals the readers to ‘Avoid AVoId’ where the ‘AVoId’ stands ‘Airtel(A), Vodafone(Vo) and Idea(Id)’. In the content of the email, the email sender, subtly suggests these three operators are fleecing it whereas he feels empowered by Reliance Jio.


On clicking the ‘sign the petition’, the link takes to a page of of and it shows one ‘Santosh Chaturvedi’ has started the campaign to avoid these operators. The petition at the site also talks about how operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea are ‘misleading the Indian consumers’ and ‘keeping India and Indians in the dark ages and slowing down the growth of knowledge in this country’.

At the same time the petition says ‘Jio jas started a free voice movement’ in India and operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea (AVoId) are ‘pressurizing regulatory authorities like TRAI to stop this movement for the growth of India.

“And all this because they have not invested in upgrading their networks. For years, they have been making crores by charging for calls and not allowing rural India to access the internet by keeping the costs high. Now when there is a new entrant ready to change the industry, these companies, instead of competing, are calling the cheaper offers predatory. They first formed a cartel and tried to block voice calls from and to their networks, trying to make the consumers who could have got free calls, pay,” the petition says.

The petitioner Santosh Chaturvedi claims to be a ‘journalist and average Indian’ and his Twitter account says he is an HR professional.

The email Id from which he has sent the email to Airtel reveals that this ‘Santosh Chaturvedi’ is associated with two seemingly news portals – and


TeleAnalysis failed to reach him as he was not in his office by the time we went online.

In an interesting coincidence, the Airtel FIR also says that the domain name of the email ID, ( has a digital certificate registered in the name of ‘ and this email ID is also linked to another domain name (

Airtel, in its own internal investigation, found that this email ID belongs to one Shailendra Jha, who also linked to ( is sending these malicious mails and is involved in ‘illegal, dishonest, unlawful and fraudulent activities.’

No one picked up the phone when TeleAnalysis called the number mentioned in the Airtel FIR associated with Shailendra S Jha

“In view of the aforementioned facts and circumstances we strongly believe that Shailendra S Jha in collusion with unknown persons deliberately with ulterior motives for maligning the brand name of Bharti Airtel indulged in illegal activities to cause wrongful loss to our organisation and at the same time wrongfully gain by knowingly and intentionally causing harm to our reputation, malign and damage the reputation of our brand for benefiting our competitor in the Telecom industry,” the Airtel FIR states.

The Airtel FIR demanded a fair investigation and has requested the police department to take appropriate action on the concerned person on immediate basis.

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