Airtel Offers Highest Excellent Consistent Data Speed : Report

A new report has suggested that among all the operators Airtel does offer the highest excellent consistent data speed. The report also said that a test was conducted in 10 large cities to check consistency in data speed, and Airtel was found to top in six of ten cities including Delhi and Mumbai.

“By operator, Airtel was the clear winner with the highest excellent consistent quality in six of the 10 cities tested including Mumbai and New Delhi,” says the latest report from mobile data speed checker Tutela.

The report said Reliance Jio was top in Kolkata and Jaipur, Vodafone in Bengaluru and Idea in Chennai.

Airtel had both the highest ‘excellent’ consistent quality at 56.6%, and the fastest average download speeds at 9.0 Mbps. However Jio had the higher basic consistent quality, at a near perfect 98.5% meeting the “basic” thresholds.

The parameters ‘excellent’ and ‘basic’ are proprietary to Tutela and it has its own definition for these two terms. The firm defines ‘excellent’ as a connection that is sufficient for the most demanding mobile use-cases, like HD video calling or 1080p video streaming.  A “basic” connection is good enough for simple web browsing, emails, and VOIP calling, but users may experience delays or buffering when trying to use more demanding apps.

Tutela’s consistent quality score simply measures the percentage of time that users hit these thresholds. The higher the number, the more often users have a basic or excellent connection.

For ‘excellent’, Tutela fixes the average download speed at 4 mbps, average upload speed at 2 mbps, latency at 50 milliseconds, jitter at 30 milliseconds and packet loss at 0%. For ‘basic’, the average download speed is fixed at 512 kbps and average upload speed at 128 kbps, latency at 100 milliseconds and packet loss at 5%.

Tutela also conducted its survey on data availability and speed in various cities.

Amongst the top 10 most populous cities in India, Hyderabad’s mobile networks had the best excellent consistent quality, with 52.7% meeting Tutela’s thresholds. These standards represent a high confidence that the user can reliably use services like Netflix, Skype, YouTube, or other real-time or streaming video applications (in 720p HD) with no noticeable problems, since these will exceed the minimum network requirements set by these services.

Meanwhile, Mumbai had the highest average download speed at 7.6 Mbps, yet ranked sixth overall for excellent consistent quality.

Hyderabad had the highest excellent consistent quality score among the top ten most populated cities in India, with 52.7% of tests meeting or exceeding Tutela’s threshold. Meanwhile, Kolkata had the highest basic consistent quality, with 98.0% of successful connections adequate for web browsing or emails without noticeable delay

Between the cities, there was huge disparity in the percentage of data use over 3G and 4G compared to Wi-Fi. Jaipur had the highest percentage of traffic over 4G at 75.3%, while Hyderabad had the most data usage over Wi-Fi at 49.4%. This may offer some relief from network congestion in Hyderabad and contribute to the city’s higher excellent consistent quality score

Tutela’s report on India cities used over three million speed tests, and over 34 billion total measurements, collected between 1st February 2019 and 31st March 2019.

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