AI In Future : How It Will Shape Future Jobs

AI may not kill the jobs but it certainly will change the way they are executed

Artificial Intelligence is the 4th industrial revolution, of which many companies and industries would not remain unaffected. This will change the way we work, react, think and collect information and especially, impact the job market. Many a times I get to hear from students of various MBA colleges, Engineering colleges and the Universities where I deliver my guest lectures on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that “will there be still jobs, as the world is moving towards automation and artificial intelligence”. This is not just a question from the students who are yet to be graduated, but other professionals having few to many years of experience. My answer to the above question is in short ‘YES’ jobs will be there but the ‘roles and responsibilities’ attached to the jobs currently will not be there. This is certain that artificial intelligence and machine learning is the future.


Pradeepta Mishra, Chief Data Scientist, Lymbyc

With AI, it may happen that the conventional designations will not be there and the medium of delivering the work will get refined. Almost all the industries, such as healthcare, banking, financial services, retail and education etc. are exploring possibilities of applying data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve existing business problems. Though the world is heading towards artificial intelligence and machine learning, it poses greater threats as well like data security, privacy etc.

Now, let’s assess what lies ahead for students and professionals, what career choice should be made, keeping future in mind and keeping the potential influence of artificial intelligence in these areas.

General intelligence is the supreme goal, implies knowing about anything and everything relating to an environment. Building artificial intelligence tools, products and platforms are the essentials of general intelligence. Understanding the way, the machines learn to perform a certain task relating to an environment, tracking if the system or program learns over time is another critical task where human input is very much needed. There are certain unique tasks where multiple layers of algorithm need to be trained, then the need for deep learning arises. To sum it up, the evolution of programs such as Python, R and computing chips such as GPU’s, provides ample opportunities for people adopt those tools and skill sets and become an expert in coming years.

According to a recent study by Ernst & Young, a significant number of professionals working in the area of AI, in the bay area express their concern over un-availability of required talent pool to execute business operations. E&Y’s Chief Analytics officer says “Looking to 2018, organizations should prioritize talent acquisition and cultivation — both by recruiting individuals with strong technical backgrounds and investing in skills and training programs to help retain and foster leading AI practitioners.”


With the latest changes in technology, tools and approaches the education ecosystem needs to be completely revamped. The future is about programming. How the students should plan their career, here are few pointers:

  • Stay Connected: Follow people/leaders having good experience in the field of machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence on various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms like Quora etc. read what they are sharing, ask questions to them if you need any clarification on anything. Interact with them, through messages. Actively participate the group discussions on various LinkedIn groups, Quora question threads and Stack exchange etc. Establishing connections and getting familiar with the upcoming technology and tools helps a lot in future. While participating in discussions if you are not contributing, that’s fine, you can just pay attention to the conversation flow that others post. Over a few days you will get pointers to discuss participate and learn from others.
  • Stay Curious: ‘Curiosity is the mother of invention”. With the latest changes and path breaking inventions that is happening around us such as Blockchain, AI, ML and DL etc. just be curious to know what is it, how does that work, what is the potential benefit of this new technology etc. etc. as you become more curious to know things your question list and discussion item will expand and you can again follow the path mentioned in point above.
  • Learn fast: Things become obsolete very fast, such as new tools overwrite the usability of old tools, new programming languages overwrite the usability of old programming languages. When you stay connected with the world, you will have a better perspective of the languages, tools that are going to lead in future. Learn the basics of those programming tools to stay ahead of the competition. Become an early adopter of the changes that are happening around us.

To conclude, AI is not going to remove the jobs, the low level jobs will be replaced by high level jobs. Probably the next generation is going to do 10 different jobs which is not existing today. It is just the beginning of another era where massive automation and implementation of machine learning and AI will replace the low level jobs, instead people will have more opportunities to train the robots by making dynamic programs, algorithms etc.


By : Pradeepta Mishra

The author is Chief Data Scientist, Lymbyc

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