5,104 LTE Devices Available From 417 Suppliers: GSA

5,104-LTE-Devices-Available-From-417-Suppliers:-GSAThe LTE ecosystem has 5,104 LTE devices from 417 suppliers according to a new report published by GSA (the Global mobile Suppliers Association) which represents mobile suppliers worldwide, engaged in infrastructure, spectrum, semiconductors, devices, services and applications development, and support services.

The number of LTE devices i.e. 5,104 as confirmed in this report is 2,185 higher than GSA reported in April 2015, representing 75 percent Y-o-Y growth. The number of manufacturers participating in this market grew 40 percent for the same period.

Cat 4, Cat 6, Cat 7, Cat 9, Cat 11 and Cat 12 user devices are quantified, confirming rapid gains in device performance and expansion of choice, as are terminals that support VoLTE and eMBMS (LTE Broadcast). Cellular IoT Cat 1 devices are included for the first time.

The report talks about device support for each of the main operating FDD and TDD frequency bands. Additional bands have now been included.

1800 MHz (3GPP Band 3) is the best supported spectrum for LTE deployments, having the largest LTE devices ecosystem (LTE1800). Over 55 percent of LTE devices can operate in band 3 spectrum.

The number of terminals that support LTE TDD (TD-LTE) is growing strongly. 1,943 LTE TDD devices are included in GSA’s database, which means that 38 percent of all LTE devices support LTE TDD (TD-LTE).

The smartphone is the largest LTE device category. 3,237 smartphones including operator and frequency variants are announced, giving an improved 63.4 percent share of all LTE device types. The LTE tablet PC segment is also the fastest growing segment.

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