5 Highly Anticipated Smartphones In 2019

It’s funny to think that up until just a decade prior, smartphones were considered a luxury in India. Nowadays, nearly everyone from the middle-class or above has a smartphone which they use almost every day. These smartphones are our primary way of staying in touch with our loved ones, friends and the rest of the world in general. We use them as a camera, as an alarm clock, to play online games and some people even use them to keep track of their health.

But companies keep on adding more and more features to the new smartphones they make and is this what makes it so exciting whenever a new phone is launched. People spend days discussing the features of an upcoming phone and tech forums are dominated by chatter and rumourssurrounding any new phone that is about to hit the market. A hype culture has been created behind popular smartphone brands and their phones often end up being sold out in under 10 minutes of going on sale online.

With nearly every major company set to launch at least one phone in 2019, it has become an exciting year for smartphone enthusiasts and for anyone who is looking to buy a new phone.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 most anticipated phones of 2019.

Number 5:- Xiaomi Poco F2
While Xiaomi has been absolutely killing in the budget range smartphones market for the past few years with their Remdi Note series, and have become the most widely used smartphone brand in India, their flagship phones haven’t received much fanfare. But all that is about to change with the coming launch of their flagship phone for 2019, Xiaomi Poco F2.

While Xiaomi Poco F1 was a perfectly fine phone with great configurations, it took a lot of time before people realized this fact as they weren’t used to Xiaomi making high-end smartphones. Even thought Poco f1 will never be called a true hit, it paved the path for its successor to become one of the best selling phones for 2019.

With a configuration like 6GM Ram, Android 9.0 OS, and Octa core 2.8 GH Snapdragon 845 processor, it can rival the flagship phones that come with a price tag of over Rs 80,000, Xiaomi Poco f2 is sure to generator come major waves in the smartphone market and people just wait for it to get here.

The only reason it is at the bottom of this list is that 2019 is turning out to be an exceptionally good year for smartphones.

Number 4:- Realme 3

When Realme entered the Indian market as a subsidiary of Oppo with their first phone Realme 1, people were unsure of what to expect. While Oppo had made a name for itself in the Indian market, it was still considered to be inferior to brands like Xiaomi.
But even with this fact lingering behind it, Realme 1 proved to be massively successful and became a real competitor to Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 pro. Realme separated from Oppo in the following year and its second phone Realme 2 proved to be just as successful and even ended up being more popular than Redmi Note 6 pro—which most people found to be a disappointment.

The success of the previous two phones of this series hasmade Realme 3 one of the most anticipated phones of 2019. It has impressive configurations as well with 4 GB ram and Android 9.0 which is completely justified at a price tag that is expected to be around Rs, 15,990. The only thing preventing this phone from rising any higher on this list is the lack of a Snapdragon processor which would have just made it the perfect deal.

Number 3:-Nokia 9

There was a time when there were only 3-4 popular brands that sold phones in India. During this time period, Nokia was unbeatable. It was the favouritebrand of the Indian public and Theirphones were very affordable so everyone could easily purchase them. But like all good things, Nokia’s reign came to a crashing end during the time android smartphones started to enter the market and its inabilityto keep up with the trends played a huge role in its downfall.

But Nokia seems to have learned it’s a lessonas all it’s new smartphones have been equipped with the latest features in the market without losing any quality that the brand name promises and the response from the public havebeen largely positive. Nokia’s first flagship phone in years, the Nokia 9, has the potential to not only continue it’s winning streak but also help the company regain some of its former glory.

The Nokia 9 has all the configurations you can expect from a smartphone that is estimated to come with a price of tag nearly Rs 40,000 but the fact that it has FIVE rear cameras, that can click pictures of a quality that is unlike any other smartphone, is going to be it’s true USP

Number 2:- Oneplus 7

5 years ago, when Oneplusone was first launched in India, very few people actually took notice of this new company from China. Everyone was perfectly content with their Samsung or Micromax smartphones but the few curious people who took a chance with it could only sing its praises.

It took another 2 years but Oneplus 3 established Oneplus as a major smartphone brand in India and its popularity has been exponentially rising since then. Every single smartphone they have launched since then has proven to a massive hit in the Indian market. Providing flagship tier configuration at just half the price, Oneplus phone are always among most anticipated phones of the year they are launched in and 2019 is not going to be an exception.

While Oneplus 6T was a slightdisappointment as an update to Oneplus 6, all the signs are pointing towards Oneplus 7 being the best thing the company has ever made. Expected to be launched around May, the hype for this phone has already reached astronomical proportions—even though it’s configuration haven’t been officially revealed yet—and that is why it is ranked as the second most anticipated phone of 2019.

Number 1:- iPhone 2019

If you thought that any phone other than an iPhone was going to top this list, then you really underestimate apple fans. Apple was the company that literally started the smartphone culture with the first iPhone and they have never slowed down since.
Every single phone they have ever made has been a massive success and the loyalty that Apple fans have towards their brand is something that is quite unique. You can try as hard as you can to convert any iPhone user to an android user but you will find very limited success. Most people would agree that iOS leaves a lot to be desired and is slightly inferior to Android 9.0, none of that matters to Apple fans.

Next to nothing is known about the iPhonethat is going out in 2019 but people are already ready to prebook it as soon as they can. If this was a list of 5 phones that make the most logical sense to buy in 2019 the Oneplus 7 might have topped it, but as far as the most anticipated phone of 2019 goes, there was never any real competition.

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