Telecom Italia leads innovation, incubates 220 start-ups


Telecom-Italia-leads-innovation,-incubates-220-start-upsTelecom Italia has been leading innovation by incubating 220 start-ups and granting 4.5 million euros in enterprise grants till date.

The company has got over 7,000 ideas in various editions of TIM #WCAP and is the biggest database on innovation in Italy. Telecom Italia is also supporting the start-ups by enabling them to become certified suppliers on its own supplier list, and makes a “Basket of innovation” available to its business units, which can acquire the products developed by the start-ups.

TIM #WCAP is the programme that has been supporting talent and innovative ideas since 2009. With its four bases: Milan, Bologna, Rome and
Catania it makes over 3,000 square metres of space in four lively areas of Italy available to young entrepreneurs who have won the right to be
there by merit.

Giuseppe Recchi, chairman, Telecom Italia said, “We were the first in Italy to understand the need to support young start-ups to ensure innovation and development”

Giuseppe Recchi said, “TIM #WCAP was created to provide concrete support to innovation in our country. As Telecom Italia, we were the first –  to understand the need to support these young people and their ideas, and to transform them into businesses. Years have gone by and now Open Innovation is an integral part of the Telecom Italia industrial plan. In the last 5 years the group has been able to engage with thousands of homegrown Italian talent, convinced that this is the task of a major Italian company like Telecom Italia, because without innovation there is no growth.”

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